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PostPosted: October 2, 2015, 12:23 pm 
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So I went to my local county Sec of State to make my daily driver pickup legal again, and the sheriff who does the vehicle inspections was there. So, I asked him a lot of question... and I'm still puzzled.

I can't just use the rules governing the construction and importation 1957 Lola Mk1. Or a 1950's Lotus Seven. I have to use rules from, uhm, today. Soooo...

1. Have to have a windshield. This one I knew about. And no, it can't be the plexiglass thing that the Mk1 had. Has to be safety glass, etc.

2. Need to have wipers. "Ya never know if it's gonna rain" says Joe Law. I point out that there's no roof either, but hey, rules are rules. The little hand-cranked ones will do, and no, no one will ever re-inspect this car, sooo....

3. Tail lights. When / if the Lola had tail lights, they were tacked-on 3" red units (I see them on the prototype but not most of the track vehicles). I doubt that the thing had turn signals. I was intending on using those same two 3" red lights, for lights/brake/turn. But I am now hearing that I need separate lights for turn? Joe Law said, "Yeah, this one really makes the Cobra guys upset when they have to cut into their $50k cars to add 'em." Well, that, and now you can spot a replica a mile away from the back?

So now I'm left to wonder what other laws might apply. Heater? Never know when it might get cold ya know. Baby seat? Side-impact air bags? Cup holders?

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PostPosted: October 6, 2015, 10:13 pm 
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You forgot donut fryer and coffee maker...

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