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PostPosted: March 10, 2019, 9:46 pm 
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I had another thread up for some of these parts but so much has changed I decided to start over.

I have "Too many" project car parts.
To be "Rational" I should let some go and put the funds/time toward finishing others.
Already building a GT6/Buick 231 V6 and T5 car.

This 1968 GT6 was originally bought mostly as spare body parts, then I got a deal on loose body panels.
I should never need three sets of body panels, frames, etc.
So most of this Jan. 1968 Triumph GT6 Mk. 1 "Round tail" is up for sale, it is an early swing-axle car.
No title but do have bill of sale naming the prior owner from decades ago.
Certainly out of the Kalifornia DMV system by now.
It is mostly complete* and mostly original except that the bonnet and bumper have been changed to a GT6+ type.
It has sat a long time and has rust in the passenger sill but the drivers side looks good.
KD9739E engine turns over but is certain to need a rebuild.
I also have GT6+ body that has had the roof cut off but is nearly rust free with good sills that can go with it if wanted.
A bodyman I spoke to said he would just put the roof from the GT6 onto the GT6+ body.
$1,000 for the mostly* complete GT6 and spare GT6+ body.
Can go a bit lower if I can have my two Spitfire wheels I put on it to be a "Roller" back.

I can attest from experiance that if your dream is to put a big engine into the GT6 body your best bet is to just put the body on a custom chassis.

Other parts, please save me from having to post them to fee-Bay.

Pair of excellent rust-free GT6 doors.
No glass or wind-wings, exterior in primer. $200.00

GT6 excellent rear hatch in primer, no glass. $50.00

Set of 5 13" Spitfire/GT6 wire wheels.
4 are excellent, 1 is good. Cheap, $200.00

GT6 intake adapted to SU carbs. $100.00

Spitfire/Herald SU intake for 2-port head. $25.00

Pair of TR6 steel wheels. $100.00

Pair of vintage-race modified wide steel wheels to fit TR4/TR6. $100.00
They still have the old Blue-Streak race tires on them.

One TR3 steel wheel. $50.00

Jaguar 3.31 open-diff center section. $300.00
Not so easy to find now as all the late model Jags are 2.88. :ack:

Miata 1.8 engine with intake and exhaust.
I've decided I have no interest in using a Miata engine in a future build, Old School rules!
Engine ran great but used a lot of oil.
Just like the engine I replaced it with. :BH: $300.00

Miata five speed trans, shifts great (Better thsan the one I replaced it with), but needs a sleeve or new input shaft due to the old pilot bearing having been seized.
Or maybe just go to a bronze bushing and it will be fine?

I c an take and email pics of the loose parts if really needed.

*The major change from earlier is that now I intend to keep the GT6 trans and diff as upgrades for my Spitfire 1500.
I'm keeping the Spitfire 1500 as I just refuse to essentially give it away for less than I paid.
Now plan to use the spare GT6+ chassis for a Locost 7 build since I have a spare Spitfire engine and trans.

Should probably give a location, Yerington, NV 89447.
Sixty miles from Reno.
Be sure to visit the ex-Harrah's auto museum during the trip to pick these up! :wink:




If I must be a one-man PC free zone, so be it!

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PostPosted: April 23, 2019, 10:30 am 
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Winter snow is finally off the mountain passes, so it's time for some of this stuiff to get sold.
Really need the space as I've got five cars to work on but only room for two comfortably. :BH:

If I must be a one-man PC free zone, so be it!

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