12A Rotary Locost w/Miata spindles
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Author:  Bonjo2 [ July 20, 2006, 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  12A Rotary Locost w/Miata spindles


Will consider reasonable offers I have reciepts worth $5600 of hardware and the title of donor, and CMC certificate for chassis.

more http://webpages.charter.net/bonjo2/Locost/

CMC Chassis with steel floor and competition roll bar, MK Engineering "Indy" A Arms (lowers will need slight modification, can do it or provide details maybe $100), 12A mazda w/5sp, New Webber 45 DCOE with intake manifold, CMC fiberglass painted ninja racing green, miata cycle fenders-unpainted (not installed) and wide rear's painted black, New VDO Gauges with senders and brake light, directional swtich, horn switch, start button in carbon fiber, sport bike mirrors, master kill switch, MSD 6-A ignition with two blaster coils (direct fire setup) Momo suede racing wheel with spline quick release, rx-7 lsd rear end w/disk brakes, stainless brake lines, Tilton floor mount pedals with bias adjuster, shortened drive shaft, Caterham 6pt seat belt w/cam lock and fiberglass seat, Rod end trailing and panard bars, Birkin Rear lights,Miata spindles, New rear wheels 13x7 with new sumitomo HTR tires, crap honda wheels and tires in front. Lexan windscreen (shaped like caterham's carbon fiber unit) Homemade motor and trans mounts and header--hand-tools and simple welder...

Stuff needed to complete
-If keeping the 12A, a bigger radiator, and remount oil-cooler
-Sort out motor--have wirign diagram, not sure if motor is good
-Re-Run brake lines with inline pressure valves (low m/c placement) I had run generic pieces from autozone under the car in a rush job--works but not a clean install
-Run through and rivot anywhere I missed (I had to slap this thing together due to a short notice move 3yrs ago, and haven't touched it since, didn't finish all the rivots, or wiring, though most is there)
-Sort out front suspension: need to radious the shock mounts to not hit the coil-overs and weld an adapter to lower a-arms for the miata spindles, current setup has the lower a-arm a bit too long and incorrect, have engineered fix, but haven't welded it, have extra spindles, and new lower ball joints to make this happen easily. May need to shim the rack to raise it up a bit to use the Miata ends, or use the 1/2 rod ends and extensions.
-Someone with some time and the right equipment. I only have the basics and struggled.. Haven't had any time with this last Job.

Email me at Bonjo2@charter.net I can take photos of anything you'd like to see and post them in the folder listed above.

In Ludlow MA. I am free this week and weekend, then in early August.

I leave for Wyoming (for good) on 22 August but will need to confirm my Ryder truck and trailer reservation (Locost inside, tow my WRX) by 11 Aug. If no bites, very willing to part out any of the drivetrain components less rear axle...

Author:  Bonjo2 [ July 21, 2006, 5:09 pm ]
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It's a new Carter fuel pump and Jaz fuel tank. There's never been any fuel run in the system.

The gauges are Tach, Fuel, Oil Psi, Oil Temp, and Water Temp

Kill Switch, race car style ignition and start button are from Longacre, horn switch and directionals are from a boat supply store, 30 amp relays and headlights from JCWhitney.

12" Electric fan mounted behind CMC Radiator, Oil Cooler with 10AN stainless lines and adaptors mounted on radiator in front.

The roll bar was professionally welded in.

Steering linkage is miata, thats been extended.

Panard bar and trailing arms all purchased from a stock car supplier w/HD rod ends, as is the stainless brake and clutch line.

Mountain Bike (pedal) computer sender epoxy'd to the drive shaft to be mounted above. Pretty easy to program for speed and trip computer, odometer, top spd etc..)

Willing to sell with or without any the following parts (which I can use, have offers, or can ship with household goods an later eBay)
Carb + Intake -$400
steering wheel (will replace with a $12.95 autozone 12", you keep the quick release) -$65
coil overs -$300
lexan windscreen -$100
Front A-Arms -$180
Muffler (bullet style turbo)
MSD 6A -$100
Jazz Gas Tank with 90 Ohm sender -$85
Fuel Pump $-20
Caterham seat belt -$40
Remote Oil Cooler with Fittings -$20
12A Engine and Transmission -$0

Please pass the word. I will try and get more photos up tonight.

Author:  Bonjo2 [ July 22, 2006, 3:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

Lots more photos up.

I'll consider offers for the chassis with/without any combination of parts... This might be a good start for those willing to buy the Coveland miata A-Arms and Miata motor mounts.

Also--Moving Sale. Lawn Tractor, Snow Blower, and Ex Equip.

http://webpages.charter.net/bonjo2/Craf ... rt%206.htm

Author:  Bonjo2 [ July 31, 2006, 2:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

Still have the 12A engine and 5spd available. The guy (friend of family) who purchased the car will be doing a bike engine, so will probably sell of the RX-7 rear end and 13x7 wheels and tires for cheap. He's going to have a technical school auto shop take it on as a project next year.

Email me if you're interested, as I'll probably be the one tasked to remove the parts.

Mower, Snow Blower, and Exercise Equipment all sold as well.

Thanks for all the calls and emails. If my job in WY has free weekends I'll be getting a welder and starting another one--but much smaller.

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