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PostPosted: April 2, 2021, 9:37 pm 

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I have something that I want to make a continuous "meeep" noise to alert the driver he has something in use in a temporary setting. Not seeking startling/distracting volume level like a back up alarm sound. The engine would be off, or possibly idling through an OEM muffler and full pipe during this time, and I am OK with just barely being able to hear it- that is perfect in fact.

I bought a bag of a dozen of the little piezo's for making a PC motherboard but apparently I didn't know what I was dealing with, and for it to work, I need a driver signal (oscillation?) of some kind?- straight 12V just heats the "micro speaker". I am sure the secret of all this is relatively known, but I got 100+ google hits for diagnosing PC boot failures. Whether I included "hardware" or not seemed to make no difference. I tried a lot of wordings. Zilch relevant.
I will note, do have concern that sound from a PC is a one time thing. During troubleshooting, I may have this on for 2-3 minutes, and wouldn't want something that is for sure to burn out. This isn't even as much a obsessive DIY thing- if there's a product out there, I'm more than happy just buying it.

Failing that, is there any known stand alone way to wire a conventional late model passenger car door alert chime? That would work- the late model pleasant bings- had one in a Sonata, not the early 80's GM annoying buzz which is doubtless easier.

I'm smart about a lot of things and can google a good portion of the rest, but trying to solve this minor thing is completely kicking my butt. :(
Help a guy out? ;)

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PostPosted: April 3, 2021, 7:57 am 
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Find a late hyundai being parted on ebay and contact the seller for the door chime with the plug and a few inches of wire. Should be behind the kick panel. Probably cost you $10.


Looks like two wires, ground and power. Whatever one you get, look up the schematics to be sure whats what or you can check each wire for continuity to the case to find ground.

The piezos you have probably have no drivers, which are just a transistor and a couple resistors. You could buy the same thing with drivers for about $1 each, but probably an annoying constant high pitch over 90db inside the car. :ack:

You can buy programmable "audio indicators" for around $30 that sound like a super nintendo. Much better off with the oem hyundai door chime.


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PostPosted: April 11, 2021, 7:32 am 

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"wired doorbell chime" is your search term for eBay. There are 12V ones available - you give them power, they go bing bing bing. Should be like $10 if you look hard enough.

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