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 Post subject: '06+ S2000 ECT Wiring
PostPosted: March 16, 2016, 12:05 am 

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hey guys ... unrelated regarding a lotus7 as i'm actually building an ls1 s2000 however your posts have helped a friend of mine successfully install an s2000 f22 into his '72 datsun 240 due to your experience on the subject matter so am hoping you can help me out!

i'm in the process of fine tuning my ls1 swapped s2000 which unfortunately is an '08 model year. for those unaware on '06+ cars the ect sensor (coolant temp) communicates with the cluster via canbus so while i've used a tach and speedo converter for the rest of the cluster am out of luck here.

in short i'm currently running two ecus (s2000 ecu for the alt/ect signal and ls1 ecu to run the engine) however cannot get the display to read in real-time for the life of me ...

currently i have an ap1 sensor threaded into the ls1 passenger head w/ two wires stemming from such (from the sensor grn/yel goes (sg2) goes to pin23 on ecu connector 'a' while red/wht (ect1) goes to pin8 on ecu connector 'b'). the ecu itself has 12v switched ignition power at pin(s) 2/3 and ground at pin(s) 4/5 on ecu connector 'a'.

if i put the temp sensor in hot water and turn the car on the display will read as should however if i remove the temp sensor with the car on and let it cool down the display will not drop.

in turn if i turn the car on/off the display will then read at the cooled temp.

i hope this makes sense as it's driving me absolutely crazy, help is appreciated!

for those that care here's a link to my build page - https://www.facebook.com/s2000build2014/

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PostPosted: March 16, 2016, 6:44 am 
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Sounds like tehw S2K ECM is noticing something is missing (the engine), and is therefore not sending the data to the cluster after the initial packets.

I would grab a CAN bus sniffer (I shudder to suggest one, but there are Evilduino varients with CAN hardwaerw tacked on), and see if you can spoof the packets the cluster is looking for.

I don't (yet) have any direct experience with CAN, so I can't be specific help.

Good luck with the quest, and do let us know how it goes!

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PostPosted: March 16, 2016, 8:24 am 
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The way that most multiple module Can systems communicate is by using a priority based transmission through a gateway module.

I don't know what the priority order in the s2000 is, but its probably something like this..

2 Anti theft
3 Body control module (gateway module, most likely)
4 Cluster
5 Some emissions [Baloney]
6 power top module
7 some other crap

So, when you start the car and it runs.. the Ecu says ok cluster, here's your temp signal (1101011010101101).. after a couple minutes of running.. maybe the anti theft or the body control module says HOLD ON YO, SOMETHING AINT RIGHT AND I NEED TO TELL EVERYONE and broadcasts 110101001010010010 continuously until it finds what it's looking for.

When you cycle the key, the ECU gets to communicate with the cluster again without being interrupted by the rude, yelling module.

I would start by finding out the communication priority protocol for your system, then isolating the missing signals from those control modules that would hold higher than your coolant temp sensor and go from there.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers don't hold cluster information in the highest regard any more. and even if they do, its only the more "vital" stuff.. oil pressure, MPH, Odometer,CEL and everything else is lower on the list.


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