Modify wire wheel hub to pin drive?
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Author:  RichardSIA [ October 17, 2016, 4:19 am ]
Post subject:  Modify wire wheel hub to pin drive?

I want my wheels to work on both ends of the car despite mismatch Triumph/Alfa Romeo stud patterns.

Thought about re-drilling the front TR hubs, or making custom front stub-shafts to take matching PCD Alfa front hubs.

Then it occurred to me that pin-drive should take care of it.
Looked at price and availability, seems it's ALL for Cobra replicas and EXPENSIVE! :BH:

So, lots of used wire wheel hubs around with bad splines but good threads. :!:
Seems I should be able to re-drill a set to work with the PCD that is wrong and use as-is for the PCD that is correct.
Ignore the splines and put drive pins through the hubs matching at both ends.
Use the wire wheel knock-on nut = Win!?

Anyone done this before?
Am I missing something?
Anyone have some old worn TR3/4/6 wire wheel hubs I can use to experiment? :D
Sunbeam Alpine might work too.
Pretty sure Midget are too small and may be integral to the hub rather than bolted on.

Might have to make a steel insert for the wheel side but I do have a CNC lathe.

Author:  cs3tcr [ October 17, 2016, 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Modify wire wheel hub to pin drive?

That sounds like an interesting experiment. What I can tell you from my experiences with pin drive wheels is the receiving hole in the wheel must be a good fit on the pin. Dad and I picked up a set of factory option alloy wheels for an Elan +2 that we had, cleaned them up, fitted new rubber, then installed and drove with them on for a total of one day. The holes in the wheels were oblong (worn out), which allowed the wheel to rotate slightly under braking/accel loosening the knock off. Basically the same thing as worn splines on Rudge-Whitworth hubs.

You might want to investigate the MGA Twin Cam for hub designs. Yes, they are expensive and rare as can be, but they should give an idea on how to adapt to pin drive.

And, as for hubs, TR3 through 6 should work, MG Midget hubs are a bit special, are small and aren't a bolt on type, Spitfire ones use a unique wheel and are again small. MGB rear hubs would require machining to the back side to make them flat, but might be easier to find and have a much thicker flange.

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