NEVER take anything for granted regarding donor parts
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Author:  Raccoonman [ June 18, 2018, 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  NEVER take anything for granted regarding donor parts

So, I decided to trim the extraneous metal off the XJ6 front subframe yesterday. Lets go back to Saturday, actually, when I was unbolting the engine-to-frame supports. Eight locknuts, none of them tight. Keep in mind I had this car running and driveable last year. So, engine bolts loose. Cut off the front frame horns, which came off easily enough. Started to cut away the engine support parts and found them stress cracked enough to loose chunks as the angle grinder got to them. YIKES. So.... how much support DID that 600+ pound Jaguar six have? Wherever you're sourcing donor parts from, check them over! I'll be keeping the mount but ONLY as a reference to make them out of something a little stouter.

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