Second Time Around....A Re-Do of our "7"
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Author:  smartin99 [ July 27, 2015, 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Second Time Around....A Re-Do of our "7"

Just completed doing an update/re-do on our “7”. I had originally build it with a 5.0 HO ford motor with a T-5 trans and a rear subframe/rear end out of a Infinity Q45. We had about 8k miles on that setup. I wanted to lighten up the car a little and get a little more power as well as installing a rear axle that would give me more choises on ratio’s.
Here’s a pic of what she used to look like as well as a few pics of how it looks now.
I installed a 4.6 DOHC all aluminum engine from a 96 Lincoln Mark VIII. Its all stock except for the headers, a 96 Cobra Mustang intake manifold and the Megasquirt 2 that fires and fuels it. The trans is a Tremec 3650 from a 2008 Mustang GT and the rear axle is from the same Mark VIII that the engine came from. It has a 3.08 ratio and a trac-lok unit.
I extended the rear of the car 6 inches, fitted a Jeep Wrangler bikini top, installed Cipher racing seats with Racequip 5 point harneses and reworked the dash as well. This time I use a 10 inch tablet connected to the megasquirt for gauges. It uses GPS for speedometer and odometer. I had to add a fuel level gauge and an oil pressure gauge as the megesquirt does not monitor those.
I repainted the car using Duplicolor laquer paint sold a Advance auto. It is a silver base with holographic metalflake clear, red stripes with 7 coats of clear to top it all off. I picked up a set of Mustang FR500 wheels from Wheel Replica, The are 17X10.5 on rear with 315-35-17 Nitto 555 tires and 17X9 on the front with 285-40-17 Nitto’s.
Overall I’m very pleased with the way it came out. The 4.6 engine is very strong and light. I built the car extra large because I’m an extra large guy. The engine’s physical size is huge but I didn’t have to do much modification to get the engine to fit.
The 8.8 rear axle is much lighter than the Q45 setup. The Mark Viii center section is aluminum. The 3.08 ratio is just about right, the car pulls really hard.
A friend of mine that does autocross said that I should install racing seats with harnesses. He said that when you are strapped in tight in the car it actually make you a better driver because your not shifting around in the seat during hard conering. He was right. This car corners very hard, now I feel like I am part of the car. I highly recommend seats and harneses to anyone who plans on turning hard…..
All done………….probobly not. Other than getting the top fitting better............I enjoy tinkering with it as much as I enjoy driving it. Thinking of a supercharger. Maybe a procharger set up. I looked at a Cobra Mustang setup but it would require a different set of heads and I'm not sure I want to go that far into the motor……..Also looking at a Ford Racing Coyote crate motor. 412 horsepower, I have a 2013 Boss 302 Mustang, It has a highly modified version of the Coyote motor in it called the "Roadrunner Motor", these motors are Sweeeet………tempting…..
Thanks againg to all on the web site. Your shared knowledge is inspiring. I have learned a lot from this site.

One last thing, I also included a couple of pics that I took back in the spring. We went to the NMRA spring break race at Bradenton FL. and also the Gatornationals in Gainsville. While we were in the area we went by and met Scott Minehart at the Stalker Shop in Clearwater FL. Scott showed us around the shop and we got to see a couple of Stalkers in construction. He took my wife for a ride in the orange Stalker, It has an LS2 engine and an automatic trans, Scott uses it for track days and such. The wife was thrilled, 500HP in a 1700 lbs car. These guys have a first class operation and are very professional. I was impressed with the visit for sure and highly recommend them to anyone who wants a pre built chassis, all the way to a complete running car.

Author:  robbovius [ July 27, 2015, 7:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Second Time Around....A Re-Do of our "7"

OMFG, dude, that motor is BITCHEN! As a guy who came up when the original Ford SOHC 427 was released, I am a huge fan of Ford Cammer V-8s.

Nice. Farking. Work.

as an addendum, I have a coworker who owns an original Ford SOHC 427, which he bought as a crate motor back in the day.

Author:  smartin99 [ July 30, 2015, 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Second Time Around....A Re-Do of our "7"

Thanks Rob, these motors are sweet....for sure....

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