Type 61 Birdcage Frame
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Author:  cheapracer [ May 31, 2009, 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Type 61 Birdcage Frame

So hands up all those who have a 1500cc OSCA motor sitting in their Dad's shed? :wink:

Author:  shoom [ August 12, 2020, 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Type 61 Birdcage Frame

I would like to build a replica of one of these too.
I bought the locost book or 'bible' how 'allegedly' build a sportscar for 200 pounds (yeah right) and wanted to build a locost initially.
But then I found out about cars like the Birdcage Maserati and Mercedes 300SLR and decided that the maserati was the direction I wanted to go (that and the fact that 3 litre supercharged straight 8s aren't exactly in decent supply..
I guess I would be using a Nissan 2ltr twincam engine.
I was thinking of doing the mercedes 300SLR and putting two toyota 4AGE 4 cylinder engines together to make a straight 8 as that is kinda how mercedes and bugatti etc did their inline 8s, but that brings another set of complexities and where can you source a 2-stage supercharger? lol, I would probably be using an Eaton M62 or 90 or when of the Merc Kompressor blowers, which seems to be in good supply on ebay and other online auction places.
I'm in Australia too, and we have to comply with certain rules for ICV's to be licensed here, so as far as emissions and engineering I would need to play it safe.
Kind of annoys me that for licensing of Hotrods, someone can get say a 1934 Ford roadster and put a 454 ci engine with a big 4 barrel carb and open exhaust into a chassis only ever designed to carry a 80hp flathead engine and use the juice brakes from a 1940 model that were better than nothing even when they came out!.
Anyway, I guess I just wanna be different but the birdcage ticks alot of boxes for me.

I'm in australia so I need to live up to certain emissions and engineering regs.
Are there any blueprints available? or does anyone go off of a certain build type or copy a particular chassis #?
I havent don anything like this before but I want to incorporate methods gleaned from the book and things I have learnt from sites like this.
I'm going to make a few changes like halibrand style kidney wheels instead of wire wheels (which were barely adequate when new, why do you think the GT40s ditched theirs after the first year at Le Mans?) and body will be fibreglass apart from the centre cabin which will be aluminium rivetted to steel skin. but I am open to interpretation and am not that much of a stickler for originality and dont mind doing things to correct mistakes from the originals and build a stiffer chassis.
I cant wait to hear from you guys.
Waiting to hear from you guys,

Tom Serna.

Author:  shoom [ August 13, 2020, 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Type 61 Birdcage Frame

Mod, please delete.

Thanking You,

Tom S.

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