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Locost Parts Suppliers:


MK Hellfire

Coveland Motorsports

Canadian Online Locost Distributers (aka COLD)

Haler Concepts (Canada)


car-part.com- Junkyard database for sourcing parts. Search by state or nationwide.


Non commercial links:

http://www.cheapsportscar.net Keith Tanner's site.

http://www.grabercars.com/Mambosite/index.php- Steve Graber's La Bala Scratch-Built Middy

http://www.fiaccone.com - Chris's Fireblade build

Rob's Locost Project

http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk This is the UK Locost forums.

Mcsorley's site

American Locost builders mapped by location

Project Meerkat

Ol Rowdy's Locouki site






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